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Once you have written your will, the next step is taking the appropriate measures to make sure it is safe. Your will is what reflects your wishes after you die, and it is imperative that nothing happens to it once it has been drafted and signed. Whilst there is no legal requirement as to where you store your will, keeping your will in your home means that it is susceptible to damp, mould, spillages, fire and flooding.

If your will cannot be found or is damaged, then it can be legally declared as invalid. This means there is a risk that your assets will be distributed in accordance with intestacy; as if you had died without writing a will at all. So, what’s the solution?

At RRK Legal, we can offer secure document storage in a climate-controlled, insured facility to protect your will and legal documents from fire, theft, flooding, or loss.

  • Document Storage £25/year

    One annual fee per individual or couple

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If your will cannot be found after your death, either any previous will found will be used, or the government will divide your estate as if you died without a will. To speak to the RRK Legal team about protecting your will from loss and damage, get in touch today and find out more about our secure document storage services.


With 64,000 household fires, 1 million burglaries and 2 million homes at risk from flooding each year, we store your documents in secure, climate-controlled storage facilities and have insurance against loss, flood and fire damage.

The National Will Register

In our fee, we include confidential registration with the National Will Database, an endorsed provider who hold records of over 8 million wills. This ensures that your will can always be found after your death by your loved ones, even if its location is forgotten.

Secure Access

In addition to reference copies we provide a storage certificate for you and for the executors of your will, so that your it can be easily accessed upon your passing whilst ensuring that your will is safe from falling into the wrong hands.