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Our expert services take the hassle out of creating or updating your estate plan. From simple and complex wills to trust creation, powers of attorney documents and secure document storage to prepaid funeral plans, we're here to help you prepare for the unexpected and express your wishes.

Will Writing

We offer professional will writing services, to give you peace of mind that all of your wishes will be taken care of, as well as your loved ones, after your death. We help you to create a valid and enforceable will that helps ensure your wishes are legally expressed, from distribution of your estate to your children and partners, to guardianship agreements, gifts to charity and more.

Trust Creation

Trusts play a key part in the estate planning process, which can be created for a variety of functions, streamlining the process of transferring your estate after you die by avoiding the lengthy period of probate. Trusts can also be utilised to leave money or property to a loved one who has a disability, is vulnerable or who is too young to manage the assets left to them. We can identify and create the right type of trusts for your unique situation.

Powers of Attorney

With Powers of Attorney documents, you can grant a trusted person the authority to handle your financial affairs and wellbeing when you are physically or mentally incapacitated, and unable to make the decisions yourself. As LPA documents cannot be made retrospectively, this ensures that these important decisions are made by someone who will represent your wishes and interests, preventing complex and costly legal processes.

Document Storage

With our secure, fully insured and climate-controlled document storage facilities, you can ensure that your wills and other important legal documentation are fully protected against loss or damage. This service helps you to ensure that these important documents are kept safe, as their loss can incur your will being declared invalid, and your assets distributed as if you had died intestate (without a will).

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