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Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans at RRK Legal

Your Plan, your way

Funerals can be extremely expensive to plan, and are becoming more so as the years go on. This means that by the time you die the price of a funeral could be even higher than it is right now, which could come as an unexpected and large cost to your loved ones after your passing. 

Taking out a prepaid funeral plan allows you to pay for and organise your own funeral at the prices going today, clearly outlining your wishes to your loved ones whilst offering significant cost savings. At RRK Legal, we offer funeral plans for both cremation and burial options through a lump sum or monthly payments, providing you with total peace of mind for the future. The price you pay for the services you have chosen in your plan are fixed from the day you take it out.

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At RRK Legal, we’re proud to offer prepaid funerals for every type of ceremony. All of these contribute to creating an easier time for your loved ones after your passing, and peace of mind for yourself that everything is already taken care of. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today.

Peace of Mind

The death of a loved one is always difficult and upsetting. Reduce financial and emotional distress upon your passing by covering your funeral costs in advance, whilst fixing your funeral costs at today's prices.

Personal Preference

Prepaid funeral plans with RRK Legal allow you to have the send-off of your choice. Religious, non-religious, eco-friendly, low-budget, or a grand ceremony; the decision is completely yours.

Reduce Inheritance Tax

Taking out a prepaid funeral plan can reduce inheritance tax, as the money is invested prior to your death. Without a plan, your loved ones would need to use funds from your estate, which may be subject to tax.

Funerals can cost thousands

Cost-effective plans

A prepaid funeral plan means that no matter what the costs are when you pass, no one will have to pay anything more for your funeral than what you have already paid in your prepaid plan. This takes a lot of financial and emotional stress off of your loved ones during the difficult time of your passing, as all arrangements have already been made ahead of time.

Choosing a plan now also means that you can choose the format of your own ceremony, so your loved ones will not have to worry about what you would have liked; it will all be done for them.

Tax benefits

When you invest money into your funeral plan ahead of time, we put it into a secure trust fund where they are kept until they are needed to fund the funeral. The amount needed to cover the costs will not rise over time, so you will be able to focus on one amount that will be sufficient to cover the cost of the funeral. Once you have paid for your funeral, the funds are not counted in your estate, thereby excluding it from inheritance tax charges after you pass.